Foods To Eat To Lose Weight
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Foods To Eat To Lose Weight
by: Teddie Joe Snodgrass, Medicine Man
Published: 03 April 2012

Knowing what foods to eat while you are trying to lose weight is a good way to learn what it takes to shed those extra pounds. The only way you are going to know what you should be fueling your body with is to inform yourself. Go ahead and use the following information to learn what it takes to get yourself on the right weight loss track.

Fast food should never be an option for you when you're trying to lose weight. It is always a good thing to eat in and eat healthy. You want to avoid fast food at all times because they are usually rich in trans fats and other unhealthy additives. You should even avoid the salads at fast food restaurants, as they are drenched in dressing which makes them unhealthy to eat.

Nuts are a great snack and filled with protein. It is a great thing to consider eating nuts as a snack instead of things like chips or chocolate. So get out there and stock up on nuts and of different types, you'd be surprised at how much weight you could lose by switching your snacks to nuts.

Some of your biggest friends are both fruits and vegetables. You can get a lot of nutrients on a daily basis with natural foods from the Earth. Fruits are rich in carbs and a lot of different vitamins that can enrich your body depending on the fruit. While vegetables are a great source of additional vitamins and other healthy carbs that can get you through your day.  

Make sure that you don't consume any alcohol when you're trying to lose weight. You want to just make sure you consume healthy foods, and alcohol has a lot of calories that can negate all of your healthy eating habits. You can practice healthy eating habits but drink lots of alcohol which can cause no change in your weight and even make it increase.  

Sweets and snacking on sweets aren't a healthy thing to do for your diet. When you're trying to lose weight you need to maintain control so don't fill yourself with sweets all day. You should reward yourself with healthy tasty foods like fresh fruits instead of eating candy to fill the sweet tooth craving you may have.  

A great snack to eat are berries, because they have good carbs that can help you through your day. There are also many berries that are said to reduce the likelihood that you could get cancer, so think about eating a lot of berries for a healthy snack. The best thing about berries are that they're healthy and they taste good as well.  

Soy can help you lose a lot of weight. So consider adding soy to your daily diet and see what changes you find in your weight.   When you understand what you should be filling your belly with, your body smiles back at you when you look in the mirror. Go ahead and start applying all of the tips you learned today and see where your body is in a couple of months.

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Teddie Joe Snodgrass (Hawaiian Joe) is a critical care registered nurse, internet consultant, copywriter, and Family Nurse Practitioner student. Joe has over 35 years of information systems design experience. Joe lives on the Island of O'ahu Hawai'i, and writes on various topics of interest to include health related issues, dieting, weight loss and obesity; as well as travel and internet marketing topics. For more information regarding medical issues, visit Joe at his personal website or For information on travel, gifts, hosting and other areas, visit Joe at

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