Osteoporosis, Calcium, and Vitamin D
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Calcium, Vitamin D, and Osteoporosis
by: Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
Posted: 11 April 2012

About 10 million Americans already have osteoporosis, and 34 million are at risk.1 Contrary to popular belief however, low intake of calcium is not the primary cause of osteoporosis. While Americans have the highest calcium intake in the world, we also have one of the highest hip fracture rates in the world.2 The standard American diet causes much of the consumed calcium to be lost in the urine. Excess salt, caffeine, sugar, and animal products leach calcium out of bones and promote urinary calcium loss.3 The Nursesâ‚„ Health Study followed 72,337 women for over 18 years and found tha t dairy intake did not reduce the risk of osteoporosis-related hip fractures.4

In contrast, vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, and seeds are rich sources of calcium and other important minerals, and do not promote the urinary excretion of calcium. A three cup serving of raw, chopped greens â‚€œ like kale, bok choy, or collards â‚€œ provides the same amount of calcium (or more) as one cup of whole milk. Only 32% of the calcium in the cup of cowâ‚„s milk can be absorbed by the human body compared to about 50% for many green vegetables.5

Calcium isnâ‚„t the only important nutrient for bone health

It's also important to keep in mind that the effect of nutrition on bone health is more complex than just getting adequate calcium. For example, vitamin K also supports bone health, and vitamin K is abundant in leafy greens.6 Of course, vitamin D also plays a critical role in regulating bone health. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium in the intestine as well as the activity of bone building cells. Medical studies show vitamin D is more effective than calcium for treating osteoporosis.7 The most natural way to obtain vitamin D is through sun exposure, but because of indoor jobs, northern climates, and skin cancer risk it is virtually impossible for most to safely achieve optimal levels of Vitamin D from suns hine alone. Vitamin D supplementation is necessary for most people.

How much calcium and Vitamin D are necessary to protect against osteoporosis?

Most Americans take inadequate amounts of Vitamin D and excessive amounts of calcium. Approximately 50% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.8 For optimal bone protection, I advise having a blood 25(OH)D test, and then supplementing accordingly to keep Vitamin D levels in the range of 35-50 ng/ml.9,10 If you have not had yet your blood tested, 2000 IU is a reasonable daily dose to start.

Too much calcium may interfere with Vitamin D's effects on bone health.

Calcium should not be taken in excess, and I recommend limiting supplemental calcium to 400-600 mg. Most of your calcium should be derived from plant foods, not supplements. A recent meta-analysis of many studies has shown that low dose (500 mg) calcium supplementation combined with vitamin D was effective at preventing osteoporosis-related fractures whereas high dose (1000 mg) calcium supplementation was not.11,12,13 Overdosing on calcium actually deactivates the Vitamin D and can weaken bones. My Osteo-Sun formula is an excellent source of Vitamin D that provides the body with just the right dose of calcium and magnesium and all three in the proper ratio for optimal osteoporosis protection.



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